Below is a partial list of classifiers that Backtrace includes, along with their high-level descriptions. Classifiers are constantly added, so this list tends to be out of date. Refer to the console integrated documentation for latest descriptions on classifiers.

Classifier Description
abort Aborted with SIGABRT
align Alignment violation
ascii Pointer corruption indicative of memory re-use
assertion Assertion failure
dispatch Fault on branch or function call
double-free Freeing allocated memory multiple times
fpe Floating-point error
garbled Smashed or corrupt callstack
ill Illegal instruction
intdiv Integer divide by zero
invalid-free Invalid pointer was passed to free, realloc or other dynamic memory management function
invalid-pointer Attempt to free unallocated pointer
machine-check Machine-check exception
memory.* Disambiguation of read versus write
null NULL dereference
panic Kernel-space assertion failure
printf Potential printf format string attack
segv Segmentation fault
si_user User-initiated signal
stack-overflow Invalid stack or transition to invalid stack
stop Application is in signal stop state
security Potential exploitation attempt or security hole
use-after-free Faulting memory address is deallocated
rlimits Resource limit violations
and more Refer to your integration for more classifiers