Client Tools Installation

These steps require a license number from Backtrace to install the necessary packages. Please contact us to receive a license number before proceeding.

All tools are installed in /opt/backtrace/bin/ by default. We recommend you add this to your path:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/backtrace/bin


coroner is the Backtrace object store client. It is used to submit and query the object store. The usage guide can be found here


$ yum install backtrace-coroner


$ apt-get install backtrace-coroner

Once installed, you'll need to generate and install


ptrace is the Backtrace snapshot generator. It is used to generate application snapshots.


$ yum install backtrace-ptrace


$ apt-get install backtrace-ptrace

For Ubuntu 10.10 or later

Starting in Ubuntu 10.10, a change was made which prevents users that are not root to ptrace processes that aren't children. With this restriction in place, ptrace needs to be run as root, which will result in the snapshot files being permissioned for root as well.

This restriction can be disabled by issuing the command:

$ echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope

For more information, see: this link


hydra is the Backtrace terminal snapshot viewer. It is used to dig into application snapshots generated by backtrace-ptrace. You should install hydra on any machine you wish to dig into snapshots (e.g. dev box, laptop)


$ yum install backtrace-hydra


$ apt-get install backtrace-hydra

Once installed, you may want to configure Hydra