Datadog Integration

This guide goes through the steps necessary to integrate Backtrace with Datadog. Setting up integration with Datadog requires an API Key.

The steps in this process are:

  1. Retrieve API Key
  2. Set up Integration

Retrieve API Key

Within Datadog, click Integrations on the left-hand navigation menu and select APIs. Your API key is listed in the API Keys section at the top.


To set up the integration, first go to the Configuration page within the Web Console:


Next, select the project you want to add a integration for:

Select Project

Then click Integrations in the left-hand menu, then Create a New Integration on the right, and pick the integration:

Create Integration

These are the settings that you can configure for your Datadog integration:

Settings Required Info
API Key Yes Your Datadog API Key. See API Key above.
Title Yes The event title. Limited to 100 characters. The integration will replace the macros {{project}}, {{group_prefix}}, {{classifiers}}, {{frames}}, and {{application}} with relevant information from the crash.
Priority No The priority of the event ('normal' or 'low'). Defaults to 'normal'.
Tags No A list of tags to apply to the event.
Alert Type No "error", "warning", "info", or "success". Defaults to "info".
Aggregation Key No An arbitrary string to use for aggregation, max length of 100 characters. If you specify a key, all events using that key will be grouped together in the Event Stream.

For more details, see the Datadog Event API Documentation


Next: After filling in the integration-specific settings, proceed to Common Settings to finish configuring the integration.