JIRA Integration

This guide goes through the steps necessary to integrate Backtrace with JIRA. Setting up integration with the JIRA ticketing system requires a valid JIRA REST API URL, as well as a valid username and password.


To set up the integration, first go to the Configuration page within the Web Console:


Next, select the project you want to add a integration for:

Select Project

Then click Integrations in the left-hand menu, then Create a New Integration on the right, and pick the integration:

Create Integration

These are the settings that you can configure for your JIRA integration:

Setting Required? Description
Username Yes Username associated with your JIRA instance
Password Yes JIRA Password
Project Key Yes JIRA Project Key
Summary Prefix No A string to prefix to created tickets.
Custom Field Mapping - labels No See below.
Custom Field Mapping - description No See below.

In addition, Backtrace supports using alternate names for the default screen fields named "labels" and "description" (both of which Backtrace uses). If you use a customized screen where these fields are removed or renamed, the JIRA integration will fail. To work around this, you can either specify a different name for these fields in the Custom Field Mapping settings, or you can create these fields and add them to your screen.

The JIRA URL generally takes one of the following formats

For more detailed information, see The JIRA API Documentation


Next: After filling in the integration-specific settings, proceed to Common Settings to finish configuring the integration.