Unreal Engine

This guide will show you how to integrate your Unreal application or game into the Backtrace platform for the purposes of crash reporting. This is covered in the integrated wizard of the product but a reference exists for folks requiring additional customization or an external reference.

This is an experimental feature in early-access testing. Please contact support@backtrace.io if you are interested in learning more.

Unreal Engine 4

It only takes a few minutes to integrate your application into Backtrace if you are wanting to utilize the Unreal engine crash reporter.


Step 1: Register for a Backtrace account

If you have not done so already, register for a Backtrace account at https://backtrace.io/create. You are provided a dedicated tenant with a subdomain along with a token for which to submit crashes to.

Your server instance will have a domain in the following form:

https://<your organization>.sp.backtrace.io

Your submission token is accessible under your project configuration menu and will look like this:

Step 2: Update your configuration file

Inside of your project directory, update the Config\DefaultEngine.ini configuration file to point to your Backtrace instance for Unreal crash reporting purposes.

For example, assuming your Backtrace instance is:


And that your submission token is:


Then add or edit the [CrashReportClient] section of DefaultEngine.ini to contain the following:


Your application now automatically routes all crashes to your Backtrace instance if your users agree to submit crash dumps! You are able to see crashes by logging into your instance at:

Step 3: Upload Symbols

You must now ensure your build environment has been configured to generate debug symbols. These symbols can be uploaded to your Backtrace instance manually or directly by your build system. With debug symbols, deduplication accuracy is improved and you are able to view accurate callstacks directly with your web browser. To learn more about symbolification, please see the symbolification guide.

You're done!

You're done. Head on to the product guide to learn more about the features of the product.


For on-premise installations, please contact support@backtrace.io for additional information. It is possible to configure custom domain mappings in the Backtrace Unreal crash reporting preprocessor.

Advanced Integrations

If you require additional customization of crash reporting, including custom dialogs, more customized file attachments or platforms unsupported by the native unreal crash reporter, please refer to the integration guide for minidump.