Web Console

The web console provides you a view of all dumps on your system, in a conveniently deduplicated form.


Immediately when you log in, you are greeted with an activity summary across all of your software projects. You can click on each software project to inspect the different types of faults affecting it.

Project Page

On the left, you'll see gathered meta data and automated analysis statistics along with controls to define sort order, filters, etc. On the right, you'll see the time range for each fault group along with a color box indicating activity. Groups with darker colors have seen more faults than those without. If the panes are missing, you can drag them out by clicking and dragging the arrows on the left and right side of the screen.

Group Page

More information about each group can be viewed by clicking on View Details. This page shows us specific instances of the fault with the option of graphing these instances on a jitter plot, line graph (# of instances over time) or a time-based heat map.

The left pop-out menu shows meta data statistics associated with the group and the right pop-out menu shows first and last occurrence, added classifiers, and faulted thread's stack trace (if one exists.) Snapshot instances for each group are listed below the graph.

Click on View to jump into the web debugger.