Workflow integrations allow you to integrate Backtrace into your favorite workflow apps and services such as Slack, JIRA, and email.

To configure a workflow integration, select Configure Project from the drop-down menu in the menu in the top-right, select Integrations in the Project Settings menu on the left, then click Create a New Integration:

Configure Project - Integrations


Most settings are specific to each workflow integration, however, some settings are common to all of them:

Setting Description
Name Unique Name for the Integration
Event "Group" to receive events only when a new Group is created. "Trace" to receive events on each error
Frequency This is the minimum amount of time the system will wait before firing the next event.
Threshold An event will be fired when this number of events has aggregated, regardless of frequency.

In addition, you can specify one or more Actions to take for each workflow integration.

Action Setting Description
Action Specifies to submit or filter out the event if certain criteria are met, or to trigger a mention to a particular user. (e.g. @username on a chat service). If more than one submit/filter action is specified, then the last match takes effect.
Attribute Test against this custom attribute to determine if the action is taken.
Regular Expression Test the attribute against this regular expression.
Target For Mentions, specifies the user or channel to mention when the criteria are met.

For more information about individual workflow integrations, see its entry under the Integrations drop down menu at the top of the documentation portal.

Don't see an integration you want? Feel free to reach out to us